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Stuga, Falsterbo, Skåne

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This is a very nice house in a fantastic location near the centre of old Falsterbo with direct access to the woods beside the beach.

We were the last guests for the summer and it felt as if housekeeping wasn’t quite as thorough as it might have been - blocked shower drain, pie dish in the oven, some sand on the bed sheets. Not big things but....

The social areas in the house are fantastic - great dining area and lovely sitting room at the rear of the house with lots of windows. The master bedroom and study space upstairs was very nice. The kids bedroom was beautifully done but weirdly only had a curtain (actually when we arrived the curtain rail had fallen down and when I asked the caretaker to put it up again he said he couldn’t straight away - a couple of screws - took me about 15 minutes to precariously balance it back up) at one end to separate it from the kitchen (so the person sleeping in one bed has their toes about 1 metre from the cooker!). Also meant that when one of us got up early and went in the kitchen we woke everyone else.

Other comments - utility room could do with some attention and a bike shelter by the front gate would be really good - Falsterbo is a bike town - and would be much better not to have to walk all round the house to get our bikes out.

A really nice stay but could easily be much better.

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 Pris: 6000 kr/vecka

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2020 2021

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